Things I’ve made

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m thinking being most interesting. Most of them are not open-source but soon I’ll start publishing more of my work.

  • Personal Website

    A personal showcase built with the latest web technologies, highlighting my journey and achievements in software engineering

  • Meliora Technology

    A cutting-edge React and NextJS project, featuring dynamic CMS integration for web content management and SEO optimization


    A user-friendly interactive Bash script tool for streamlined VM migrations, enhancing automation and efficiency

  • BananoBot

    An automated solution for web service monitoring and analytics, equipped with advanced alert systems and in-depth data visualization tools

  • Media Controller

    A Java based application revolutionizing media management through seamless device integration and intuitive user controls

  • Reports Mobile

    An innovative Android application for business analytics, pushing the boundaries of real-time data visualization and insights

  • Clima Control

    An integrated smart system for climate control, enabling precise monitoring and management of HVAC systems for optimal environmental conditions

  • Client Satisfaction Survey

    A web-based application tailored for capturing and analyzing client feedback, driving improvements in customer satisfaction and service quality

  • Assembly Schedule

    A Vaadin-powered scheduling system for efficient management of post-sale services and documentation, streamlining service delivery processes

  • Delivery Notices

    An efficient PHP and HTML/CSS web application for managing delivery notifications, simplifying the tracking and management of parcels

  • Product Catalog

    A sophisticated Spring-based application for product catalog management, designed to improve listing accuracy and enhance user interaction

  • Flow Counter

    A Raspberry Pi kernel module designed for accurate crowd monitoring, offering a cost-effective solution for real-time people counting

  • IT Inventory

    A comprehensive inventory management system, leveraging PHP, MySQL, and Java to provide real-time tracking and management for medium-sized businesses

  • Business Trip Manager

    A comprehensive PHP and JavaScript web application for managing all aspects of business travel, from logistics to expenses, streamlining the planning process