Things I’ve made

I’ve worked on tons of little projects over the years but these are the ones that I’m thinking being most interesting. Most of them are not open-source but soon I’ll start publishing more of my work.


    Building a fresh new personal website for myself.

  • Meliora Technology

    A sandbox project for digging into the world of React and NextJS.

  • BananoBot

    A web application for automated monitoring of web services and analytics.


    Interactive Bash script for automating VM migration with some cool features

  • Access Manager

    A simple web application for managing access to a office building. Laravel and Bootstrap.

  • Product Catalog

    A Spring powered web application for product catalog listing/filtering.

  • Media Player

    A desktop media controller (DLNA) powered by Java

  • Reports mobile

    Android application for business data fetching and visualization.

  • Assembly schedule

    Vaadin powered web application for managing post-sale services and documentations.

  • Delivery notices

    Web application for managing delivery notices. Plain PHP and HTML/CSS.

  • IO Counter

    Kernel module for Raspberry Pi powered people counter.

  • IT Inventory

    Inventory management system for a small business. PHP5, MySQL, HTML/CSS, JS and a bit of Java (applet for serial communication).

  • Business trip manager

    Web application, written in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI for managing business trips.